Firebase Cloud Firestore Action

Execute Firebase Cloud Firestore query completely serverless via Thingsup IoT Platform. Create custom query from MQTT Rules Engine or HTTP APIs.

This provides a way to perform queries on Firebase Cloud Firestore. Before adding Firebase Cloud Firestore Action, user has to define a Firebase Connection. User need to provide following parameters to perform Firebase Cloud Firestore related queries.


User need to select Cloud Firestore Operation e.g. Set, Get, Update, Delete


  • User can write JavaScript code to create dynamic query.

  • "payload" object, collection, where, orderby, doc objects are available in this code which are directly used in Cloud Firestore operations.

//Example 1

payload["time"] =; // Modify Payload

collection = "cities"; //Override collection here

orderby = { "name":"desc"} ; // Use orderby for Get Operation 

doc = ""; // If doc value is not required.

where.push({ // If where conditions are used in Get Query


User need to provide collection name for Firestore operation.


User need to provide Doc name for Firestore operation. if not required, override to "" in Function.


User can set Limit No. of Responses in case of Get Query.

Connection ID

User need to provide a Connection ID of Firebase database connection.

Please note the following points:

  • Get more details at Google Cloud Firestore.

  • "payload" object is supplied from Action Trigger like Rules, Action Command etc.

  • Data Response of operation will be available as Action Response.

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