Push to Thingsup Track Action

Push data directly to Thingsup Track platform.

This provides a way to push data directly to Thingsup Track platform. User need to provide following parameters.


  • Javascript code to process input data.

  • "payload" object is available in this code. This payload will be sent to Thingsup Track Servers.

//Example 1

payload.attributes["sender"] = "Thingsup";
payload.deviceId = "98889988889";


User need to provide Thingsup Track Auth Key.

Sample Payload

All the fields in sample payload are compulsory. Attributes can vary as per device but motion, ignition, odometer attributes are compulsory. Unavailability of compulsory fields will result in action failure.


Please note the following points:

  • "payload" object is supplied from Action Trigger like Rules, Action Command etc.

  • Response object will be available as Action Response.

  • Loops are not supported for Performance.

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