Date Time Range Widget

In Date Time Range widget, user has two options of Range Type.

  1. Absolute - Here, user can select specific start date and end date using calender.

  2. Relative - Here, user can provide interval like days, months, weeks etc. This can be used to check history data. For example, data of last 3 weeks starting from current time.

General Setting

User can change following things in Date Time Range widget:

  • Name for widget which will be used data reference. For Example, if widget name is 'Date Time Range', then data of widget is referenced as Data Time Range.startDate and Data Time Range.endDate

  • Show title - User can show/hide widget title

  • Title Color

  • Background Color


Date Time Range widget does not support Source settings.

Widget Setting

In Widget Setting option, user can change following parameters:

  • Date Format - User can define any Date Format here. For example, dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss.

Event Handling

Date Time Range widget does not support Event handling.


Test Case 1:

If user want to fetch data using Action which requires startTime and endTime as parameter and show it to Table Widget. So following are the steps to perform this operation and are as follows.

  1. Add Table Widget to dashboard and change its color, background color, file name as per requirement.

  2. Now go to Source tab of Table Widget, and select mode as Action, and select a required ActionID from dropdown.

  3. Now, in Action Parameter, select parameter as Date Time Range.startDate and set Key as startTime, and enable Reload On Change operation.

  4. Similarly, select parameter as Date Time Range.endDate and set Key as endTime, and enable Reload On Change operation.

  5. It will send JSON object to given ActionID as shown in below block. And received response of action will get shown in table.

// JSON Object

// Date Format will be as per user input
// If not given by user, default Date Format will be 'dd/mm/yyyy'


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