Add MQTT Device

Add device to Authenticate and Authorize MQTT connection Thingsup MQTT Broker. Provide access control list(ACL) to control publish/subscribe(pub/sub) access to MQTT topics.

Add Device

While adding a device, you need to provide following parameters:

  • Device Key

  • Password for Your Device

  • Name of Your Device

  • Category for Your Device

  • Client ID

  • Access control topic with pub, sub or pubsub options

Device Key

Entered Device Key will be the Username for MQTT Connection. It always starts with the User's Account ID.

Password for your Device

Entered password will be considered as password for MQTT Connection.

Please make sure you have noted down password because it will not shown anywhere once device get added.

Name for your Device

User can give a name for a device. Later user can search device by its name.

Category for your Device

User can assign a Category for device. It will be helpful for sorting devices by their category.

Client ID

Entered client ID will get used for MQTT Connection.

  • Case 1: User can provide fixed client ID.

  • Case 2: If user is dynamically generating client Id in his code, then he can provide client ID as *.

  • Case 3: If single MQTT client is used by many devices then user has to keep it as "*".

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