Radial Gauge

General Setting

User can change following things in Radial Gauge widget:

  • Name for widget which will be used data reference. For Example, if widget name is 'Radial Gauge', then data of widget is referenced as Radial Gauge.data

  • Show title - User can show/hide widget title

  • Title Color

  • Background Color

Widget Setting

In Widget Setting option, user can change following parameters:

  • Key - key parameter of JSON Object which will define data of Radial Gauge Widget.

  • Title - Title for Widget

  • Unit - Unit of data showing using Widget

  • Minimum value - Minimum value of range for widget

  • Maximum value - Maximum value of range for widget

  • Show border - Enable to show border in widget

  • Border Shadow Width -Width for border shadow of widget

  • Needle Shape - Two options of Needle Shape are given- 1. Arrow 2. Line

  • Meter tick values - Comma seperated values to generate Meter ticks

  • Minor ticks - Number of minor ticks required

  • Highlights - Multiple Highlights can be created by providing From, To values and Color for it.

  • Highlight Width

  • Ticks Angle

  • Start Angle

  • Enable Gauge Animation

  • Animation duration - duration for Gauge Animation in milliseconds

  • Animation rule - multiple options for animation are given. For example, linear, quad etc.

  • Animate value

  • Colors - Plate color, Major ticks color, Minor ticks color, Title color, Unit color, Numbers color, Needle start color, Needle end color, Value text color can be changed

  • Needle Configuration -

    • Needle Start, Needle End, its width, Needle Circle Size can be changed

    • Also user can show/hide needle inner and outer circle.

  • Value Box Configuration -

    • Integer precision - Integer which defines how many numeric positions should be used to display integer part of the value number.

    • Decimal precision - Integer which defines how many positions should be used to display decimal part of the value number.

  • Font Size - Font size for Numbers, title, units and value can be changed here.


User can select a source mode as MQTT or Action.

Using MQTT

Here, to update data on Radial Gauge user can publish JSON object on given data MQTT topic. No need to provide <account_id> while providing the MQTT topic. The JSON object will be as below.

// Example


Here, "RGKey" is set as key in widget configuration.

Using Action

Here, to update the Radial Gauge widget, output of the action should contain JSON object as given in above example. User can also update the widget either onLoad or periodically by providing refresh interval.

Event Handling

Radial Gauge widget does not support any event.


Here, data in below format published on configured topic, will appear as shown in image.

// Example


Here, "RGKey" is set as key in widget configuration.

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