MQTT Connection

Integrate your MQTT Broker with Thingsup.
This provides a connection to User's MQTT broker. User need to provide following parameters to connect to MQTT Broker.
  • URL - Public URL of MQTT Broker
    • Use mqtt:// or mqtts:// or ws:// or wss:// in the URL to select connection protocol with SSL/TLS option.
  • Port - MQTT Port Number
  • AutoClientID - Generate random clientID for connection
  • ClientID - Fixed ClientID in case of AutoClientID is false
  • Username - MQTT Username
  • Password - MQTT password
  • TLS - Use TLS for Connection
Add MQTT Connection
Please note the following points:
  • For Thingsup MQTT Broker, use URL as mqtts:// and Port 1883 with TLS set to true