Send MSG91 SMS Action

Send SMS via MSG91 from Thingsup IoT Platform. Create and send customized bulk SMS with MQTT Rules or HTTP APIs to global phone numbers for IoT Solutions.

This provides a way to send SMS. Before adding MSG91 SMS Action, user has to define a MSG91 Connection. User need to provide following parameters to add Send MSG91 SMS Action.


  • Javascript code to create params this Action.

  • "payload" object and "params" object is available in this code. params object should hold key-value data pairs of any below mentioned params in their respective data types.

  • Any params passed through Function will override parameters passed through form.

//Example 1

params["Numbers"] = "992168XXXX,8945XXXXXX"
params["Message"] = "Your Order "+ payload.orderid + " is delivered"


User can provide comma separated Phone Numbers.


SMS content string. Long Message will result into sending multiple SMS automatically.

Sender ID

User need to provide MSG91 Approved Sender ID.

Country Code

Country Code without '+' Sign

Connection ID

User need to provide connection ID of MSG91 Connection.

Please note the following points:

  • "payload" object is supplied from Action Trigger like Rules, Action Command etc.

  • Response object will be available as Action Response.

  • Loops are not supported for Performance.

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