Firebase RealTime Database Action

Execute Firebase RealTime Database query completely serverless via Thingsup IoT Platform. Create custom query from MQTT Rules Engine or HTTP APIs.

This provides a way to perform queries on Firebase RealTime Database. Before adding Firebase RealTime Database Action, user has to define a Firebase Connection. User need to provide following parameters to perform Firebase RealTime Database related queries.


User need to select RealTime Database Operation e.g. Set, Get, Update, Delete


  • User can write JavaScript code to create dynamic query.

  • "payload" and ref objects are available in this code which are directly used in database operations.

//Example 1

payload["time"] =; // Modify Payload

ref = "cities/Pune"; //Override Ref here


User need to provide Ref name for Database operation.

Connection ID

User need to provide a Connection ID of Firebase connection.

Please note the following points:

  • "payload" object is supplied from Action Trigger like Rules, Action Command etc.

  • Data Response of operation will be available as Action Response.

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