Add Dashboard

Design your own dashboard via MQTT or Thingsup Action with the help of many available widgets using Thingsup Platform.

User can create custom dashboard using available mulitple widgets. Each widget is configurable providing options like choosing data source, event etc.

Create New Dashboard

Go to Dashboards option from the left side menu and click on the + Add New Dashboard button. It will show a popup to add a dashboard. User need to provide a name for it, also user can directly import a JSON file(Exported JSON File of Dashboard) to create a dashboard.

Dashboard Options

After creating dashboard, user can perform following operations on it.

  • Export JSON - This option will export entire dashboard as JSON file, which user can directly use to create dashboard.

  • Delete Dashbaord - This option will delete the dashboard

  • Clone Dashbaord - This option will make a duplicate copy of Dashboard in user's account.

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