InfluxDBv2 Read Query Action

Execute InfluxDBv2 read query completely serverless via Thingsup IoT Platform. Create custom query from MQTT Rules Engine or HTTP APIs.

This provides a way to run InfluxDbv2 read Query. Before adding InfluxDBv2 Read Query Action, user has to define a InfluxDBv2 Connection. User need to provide following parameters to add InfluxDBv2 Read Query Action.


  • User can write JavaScript code to create dynamic query.

  • "payload" object and "Query" String object is available in this code which is directly executed on InfluxDB Connection.

  • Query should be written as per Flux Specifications.

//Example 1

Query = `from(bucket: "bucket") |> range(start: -1h)`


User need to provide Org name of InfluxDB database.


If set to Yes, it modifies raw data into more readable form. And if set to No, it keeps raw data from database

Connection ID

User need to provide a Connection ID of InfluxDBv2 database connection.

Please note the following points:

  • "payload" object is supplied from Action Trigger like Rules, Action Command etc.

  • Data Response of InfluxDB query will be available as Action Response.

  • Only InfluxDB 2.X Databases are supported.

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